Nissan 240SX Giant Killer

December 28th, 2015

Nissan 240SX Giant Killer 01Can a dinky little import really get the jump on a big V8? Just watch this video and you can see for yourself. This little Nissan is running “No Prep” racing in the small tire class of the Outlaw division. On this night it manages to get to the finals before running into a bad Camaro with turbochargers and nitrous. He knocks off a Monte Carlo and a GTO (both with big block engines) as well as a couple of Mustangs (the last in a $500 grudge race). The “Mistress” box Nova was a little more than he could handle but he runs in the big tire class anyhow.

The 240 is great for modification because it is rear-wheel drive from the factory. This one features a stock Toyota 2JZ engine (inline six-cylinder), a Pro Mod 88-millimeter turbocharger, and a shot of go-go juice – just in case.

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