Twin Turbo Boss Mustang vs Twin Turbo Huracan – Street Hits

July 31st, 2020

Here we go! It’s time for another night of street racing south of the border. Tonight, we ride along as a twin turbocharged Boss Mustang 302 takes on all comers in roll racing hits on the interstate. Let’s get to where the rubber meets the road.

The first race of the evening is between the TT Boss and a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG with unknown mods. The hit comes down and both drivers peg the accelerator. The Mercedes gets spanked fast and hard.

Next up the TT Boss rolls out against another Mustang modified with a Paxton supercharger. Unfortunately, the Paxton Mustang had an issue and dropped out. So, the TT Boss moves on to another Mustang – a GT500 with full bolt-ons running E85. The Boss drives around the GT500 in the initial hit but the GT500 wipes him out in the last hit.

Now we have a BMW M3 with full bolt-ons running E85 versus the TT Boss. Mustang checks out on the BMW early FTW.

A Dodge Charger Hellcat (bolt-ons and E85) rolls out next. This is a close pair of hits with each car taking a win.

Finally, we have the Huracan against the TT Boss. This is not even a contest. Give you three guesses which car wins.

Great video!

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