Street Hits – TT Audi R8 vs. Procharged Corvette Z06

July 4th, 2019

The evenings are getting warmer and that can only mean one thing; it’s time for some roll racing. Tonight, these guys are taking it to the streets (of Mexico) to see who has the fastest car from 60 mph to 150mph. Let’s go!

In the first pass, we have an 1,100hp Nissan GT-R (white) rolling against a turbocharged Mustang Fastback. Both cars come out of the hole violently and it remains close throughout. Mustang FTW.

Next up is a 1,000hp Toyota Supra against the same Nissan. This time the GT-R is victorious.

The same GT-R hooks up with an 1,100hp Corvette Z06 (F1A-94 Procharger and a kit of nitrous) in the third contest. The ‘Vette is way too much for the Nissan.

Finally, the Audi R8 rolls onto the scene. It has naked twins in the back – turbochargers, that is! The R8 will warm up with a silver Corvette Z06 (Procharged). The Chevy is too much for the Audi – before the cops show up. What?!

What happens next? Take a look for yourself.

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