Mopar Madness

November 9th, 2016

mopar-madness-01When you hear the word “madness’ you may tend to associate it with insanity but in this instance, I want you to relate it to anger. Why? Because Mopar fanatics get staggering mad when they look between the fenders of this late model Dodge Challenger and find a big old Chevrolet engine producing the ponies.

That’s right HEMI-heads; this 2-ton behemoth is propelled by a 427 cubic-inch LSX engine that is being force fed copious amounts of air by a Precision 106-millimeter turbocharger. Shifting duties are being handled by a TH400 automatic transmission.

This car was running consistent 8-second 1/4-mile passes throughout Drag Week 2016; culminating with a best ET of 8.19-seconds at 162 mph on day five. Drag Week is a rarified event that requires participants to race on four separate dragstrips (in five days) and navigate a road trip of more than 1,000-miles. This Challenger made the trip dragging a color matching travel trailer.

Day one in Hebron, Ohio finds the Challenger racing in hazardous conditions. In the first run of this video, a classic Corvette makes it across the stripe and goes out of control, smacking the wall and crossing the center line. There’s plenty of drag racing action to be found in this clip. Check it out.