Midwest Street Digs

May 17th, 2018

Like many of you, I love virtually all kinds of racing. With that said, there is a special place in my heart for dig racing on the streets (of Mexico, naturally).

This video treats us to a night of street digs featuring some of the baddest cars in the midwest. Whether you are a turbo guy, a nitrous dude, a naturally aspirated gal, or a supercharger man; there is a lot to like about this clip.

With the chips drawn and the competitors set to tow the line, we have the turbocharged Fox Body Mustang (LS powered) known as Beater Bomb, lining up against the twin turbo Camaro they call BlackHawk. Beater Bomb comes out strong before he goes off the rails about halfway. Somehow he manages to regain control before he crosses the centerline. Bomb FTW.

Next, we have a second turbo Fox Body (better looking) taking on a turbocharged Colorado pickup truck. This will be interesting. Nope. the Colorado driver got caught sleeping on the line and the Mustang gapped him by a track.

With seven cars on hand, there are lots more competitive races on this video. Take a look at all the intense dig racing action.

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