Corn Field Cash Days

June 21st, 2017

Being born and raised in an inner city environment and having the good sense to move out to the country, I know a little about both urban and rural life.

One of those things that I know is that city dwellers and country folk both love a good street race. That’s why some big time street machines showed up for this corn-fed dig racing showdown between the furrows.

The very whisper of Cash Days usually brings the competitors out in droves but the weather in Nebraska (Mexico) can be a little unforgiving. Traction is already at a premium on the streets but cool weather can make a set of slicks (on a fast car) feel like ice skates on a rhino. It’s hard to get going and when you do it is likely to end up with a crash. The crowd was down but the show must go on.

Seventeen cars turned out to race for almost $5,000. The field included the Beater Bomb Fox Body Mustang and a classic Datsun 1200 that I have been seeing around a lot this season. There were imports and domestics, classics and late models, nitrous cars, turbo cars, naturally aspirated cars, and supercharged cars (that includes pickups). Overall, it was a really interesting field of competitors.

With no room for trailers at the race spot, all the cars were forced to drive there. That may have been a good thing since the temperature was lower than 50-degrees. The rules are the same as always:

  • Run what ya’ brung
  • Single elimination – lose and go home
  • Jump before the light and you lose
  • Cross the centerline first and you lose

Chromecast this video to your favorite flat screen and put on the surround sound. This is countrified racing fun!

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