Mercedes S600 on Nitrous runs 10.5 @ 132.4 MPH

April 7th, 2008

Stephen Selden might have the quickest and fastest documented Mercedes to run down the 1/4 mile to date. Stephen’s 2003 S600 came from the factory with a 5.5L V12 Twin Turbo engine outputting 510 HP and 612 pounds of torque. At least that’s what Mercedes states, most people know that these are cars are significantly underrated from the factory and actually put out much more power and torque (stock S600 Dyno). Knowing that the twin turbo V12 under the hood had much more potential, Stephen started upgrading. Stephen upgraded the ECU from RENNtech which upped the output from the turbos, replaced the rear exhaust sections with an Eisenmann system to relieve some back pressure, and installed a Nitrous Express 150 shot of nitrous.

After putting on a pair of Mickey Thompson drag radials and adding some race gas, Stephen went on to his record breaking run of 10.585 @ 132.46 MPH at Maryland International Raceway during a private track rental on March 26th, 2008. Weather was cool and cooperative with a DA of -600 for the runs. With a running weight over well over 4650 pounds, sticky drag radials and extreme amounts of horsepower/torque, a subsequent run resulted in a broken drivers side axle during the launch. Congrats to Stephen for producing this record breaking run, we hope you’re already back up and running as well as planning for another trip to the track!

Click on the link/image below to view Stephen’s record, timeslip scan, pictures and video of the run:

2003 Mercedes-Benz S600 on Nitrous Drag Racing

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    Fastest street legal one… Pretty sure this one is faster:

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    and this one:

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