Making a Four-Wheeled Honda Fast

April 28th, 2017

The owner of the Honda S2000 featured in this video has a desire to help his fellow import owners. He wants to show us all how to make our import street and strip cars get down the track a lot faster. He accomplishes his mission within the first 30-seconds of the clip but you will want to stay for the hot drag racing action.

This post is coming at you from beautiful, sunny Orlando, Florida (east coast home of Mickey Mouse) and the Street Car Takeover.

As soon as the hood on the bright red Honda is opened, anyone can see that there are a few more cylinders than it was equipped with from the factory (and a couple of turbos, too). The little four-cylinder was scrapped and a built Chevrolet LS 6.0-liter V8 engine now roars in its place. There is also a pair of 45-millimeter turbochargers and all the extras clanging around under there, making this (potentially) one of the most capable S2000 coupes that we have ever seen.

You see, the crew of the little Honda that could is currently converting over to a new engine and from a nitrous injection setup to the turbocharger setup. Anyone who has endured such a transformation will tell you that it can be frustrating. A single facet of the process, like getting accustomed to the turbocharger spool up (or lack thereof) off the line, may take a dozen or more passes to perfect.

This is a great car and my personal favorite when it comes to the concept – small, lightweight import shell with a readily available and economical to build GM V8 (with a power adder, of course). We look forward to checking this car out later in the season as the crew works out the bugs.

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