July Nights – Top 10 Street Hits

August 24th, 2018

Warning! Bowtie on bowtie violence visible in this media. Although every one of the big three U.S. automakers are represented, along with some quite impressive imports, there are multiple Chevy on Chevy affairs. You have been warned!

Buckle up for some street rolls and digs from down Mexico way.

  1. A Camaro ZL1 with full bolt-ons and a camshaft upgrade versus a Corvette ZR1 with full bolt-ons (700hp) in numerous roll hits. Must be some camshaft. Camaro is too much for the ‘Vette.
  2. This is a row between a 580hp Nissan GT-R Nismo with full bolt-ons and a Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS. Clearly, the German car is superior and walks the Nissan in multiple hits.
  3. Next, we have Kye Kelly going against the Swamp Thing on an abandoned stretch of public road. Enough said – except Kelly FTW!
  4. Here we have a couple of 700hp cars. The first is a Cobra mustang with a Paxton supercharger and the second is a Corvette ZR1. In multiple passes, your guess is as good as mine.
  5. Again, we have a 700hp Mustang running a Paxton blower against an 800hp Charger Hellcat. The math works this time. Hellcat FTW.
  6. How about an all-blue-oval-battle? An all-motor 2018 Mustang vs. a 700hp Mustang. Too close for me to call.
  7. Now, we have a 900hp Corvette ZR1 going against a twin turbocharged Camaro. Fire-belching Camaro wins two of three hits.
  8. Still from Cash Days; Kye Kelly in the left lane against the White Zombie on the right. White Zombie takes the stripe first and wins the money.
  9. 900hp Corvette with a Vortec YSI supercharger against a Charger Hellcat with nitrous. Looks like the ‘Vette is the class of this one.
  10. Finally, we have the Vortec Corvette against a ZR1 with cylinder heads and camshaft upgraded. You can call it. Have a look.

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