Import Wins Outlaw Armageddon – Real ST Supra

October 11th, 2019

Greetings drag racing fans, street racing aficionados and gear heads of every sort. Welcome to the Fifth Annual Outlaw Armageddon from Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, Oklahoma. This clip focuses on a Toyota Supra running in the Street Car Class. This class includes a 15-mile cruise around the town square – without unscheduled stops – before competing in the quarter-mile No Prep affair.

Meet Jrod. He and Real Street Performance have built a turbocharged 2JZ powered Supra that is capable of hanging in there with the big (V8) boys (and girls). Will he be able to do what has never been done and win this highly competitive class in an import powered import? Let’s take a look inside.

Tuning this (7-Second) Supra is the main brain behind Real Street Performance, Jay Meagher. This guy is one of a handful of tuning gurus that can work magic from one round to the next.

The first and second rounds pit the Supra against an awesome looking AMC Javelin. This event is using a “light drop” method of starting. This is the method most often used in street racing. While it is good for authenticity; it leaves somewhat to be desired in effectiveness. Changing light conditions make the light virtually impossible to see. Nevertheless, the Supra gets off quickly in the first pair of rounds and wins two close ones against the AMC.

The action just keeps coming. Deeper rounds are every bit as wild as the first. Check it out!

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