Cootamundra 2JZ King Supra

May 16th, 2019

Drag racing from Down Under – it’s the Motive Runway Thrash – and we’ve got the King of the six-cylinder Supras in this event. This right-hand drive Toyota Supra is a real beauty.

Looking for a new challenge? How about racing in the Rear-Wheel Drive Class, in a car that is capable of producing more than 1,100hp; on an abandoned airstrip? After more than 500-competitors have cut the light at this venue, only approximately ten have posted an elapsed time of less than 10-seconds. This is a tough track.

The car is a right-hand drive Toyota Supra. It is powered by an inline six-cylinder 2JZ engine with a Precision 7685 turbocharger. He’s also running a small shot of nitrous – just to combat the turbo lag coming out of the hole.

This is primarily a street car and the use of Alcantra on the interior proves it. The roll cage is mostly hidden by the soft overtones of this luxurious leather. A plush pair of Recaro leather bucket racing seats gently round out the cockpit of this Supra that is both beauty and beast.

With a quarter-mile pass of 9.9-seconds @ 156 mph, this becomes the quickest six-cylinder Supra to ever run on this track. The car has traction issues from here on out. Difficult to get the power to the pavement in this environment.

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