HCI Corvette Z06 vs. Big Turbo MK5 Supra and 900HP GT-R – Street Hits

August 10th, 2022

We are going to the bakery tonight – for some rolls. Roll racing, that is. On the streets of Old Mexico. Enjoy the intense action.

The first contest of the night is between a 900whp Nissan GT-R (upgraded turbo with a stock motor) and a Toyota Supra that has been upgraded with a big turbo and all the necessary components to make it legit. That includes a fat intercooler and a performance fuel system (injectors and high-volume pumps).

We’re looking at an overhead view as the two cars pull alongside one another at 50 mph. From the jump, the two cars remain interlocked all the way to 170 mph when the Toyota pulls ahead. The GT-R is bad. Just not bad enough. Supra FTW.

Next, the Supra takes on a modified Corvette Z06. This naturally aspirated C6 ‘Vette has been upgraded with a set of performance cylinder heads, a performance camshaft and a high-flow intake manifold. The Chevy sounds mean.

These two cars are pretty evenly matched, splitting wins in multiple hits. The Supra still manages to show his dominance on the top end. Very competitive roll racing here.

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