GT-R World Cup 2021 – The Next Big Thing?

March 2nd, 2021

Greetings drag racing fans and auto enthusiasts of every ilk. Welcome to GT-R World Cup 2021 from Bradenton, Florida. Allow me to introduce Maurice Stanley and his Nardo wrapped Nissan GT-R. Maurice is the dude from the Steve Miller song which refers to him as ‘the gangster of love”. Not really. He is however a space cowboy because Maurice is taking up plenty of space.

Maurice is also turning heads with his T1 Race Development built Nissan GT-R. Although the subtle Nissan is a fresh build, the car has managed to consistently turn quarter-mile times in the 6-second range and get within shouting distance of the heralded GT-R World Record. Anyone who has followed the exciting battle to set (and maintain) the GT-R World Record knows that it has been a back-and-forth saga between some of the preeminent speed shops in the nation. Well, throw another name in the hat for World Record contention. That name is Maurice.

All the stops were pulled out for this build. The engine is fully built, bored, stroked and sleeved. The turbochargers are massive, and the transmission is bullet proof. Tony of T1 Race Development is on hand to tune the car and give Maurice his best chance to touch that elusive GT-R World Record.

Let’s go to the raceway and see how this all shakes out.

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