1300HP Audi R8 – World Record Contender

July 5th, 2021

The backdrop is the Hail Mary Derby at Maryland International Raceway. The focus is on established yoga teacher and mother Amie Palo and her 1300hp Audi R8 V10 Plus. Although Amie has relatively no track time, she has developed into a competitive drag racer in a single season. Amie has progressed to the extent that she is running consistent 8-second quarter-mile passes and being considered a serious contender to capture the stock motor Audi R8 (quarter-mile) world record in the very near future.

Built and maintained by T1 Race Development, the Palo R8 is a twin turbocharged masterpiece with a stock 5.2-liter V10 engine. Details include an AMS turbo kit, a Sheepy intake manifold, Injector Dynamics fuel injectors/pump, a MoTech ECU, and a fully-built (billet gears) Shep transmission.

Amie’s previous best is an 8.25-second pass.

On Day 1 the all-wheel drive Audi posted runs of 8.48 @ 168.89 mph and 8.46 @ 166.07 mph.

Day 2 saw Amie posting more consistent eights with an 8.53 @ 167.24 mph, an 8.47 @ 168.01 mph, an 8.43 @ 168.18 mph, an 8.27 @ 167.99 mph and an 8.39 @ 168.47 mph.

Still experiencing shifting difficulties on Day 3, Amie rolled to the line with the heart of a competitor, she laid it all on the line and posted a run of 8.230 @ 170.04 mph (World Record). That beat out the previous record holder (Sheepy Race/8.232) by a margin of 2/1000ths.

Congratulations to Tony and Amie Palo and the entire T1 Race Development Crew!

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