9-Second Evo – Track Rolls

February 11th, 2019

Goal oriented people tend to stand out in society. Racers are no different. This Puerto Rican Lancer Evolution was built with a goal of running 8s in the quarter and hitting 190 mph in the rolls. Crew and car are making huge strides. Today, they will get a chance to hone their skills in the All-Wheel Drive Class of the PR500. Any other fast AWD cars come to mind? Hmm…

Even at first glimpse, the carbon fiber doors, roof, and deck lid hint that this isn’t your ordinary four-banger sedan. Nevertheless, an inline four-cylinder, 2.0-liter (4G63) engine with a Precision 6870 turbocharger is at the heart of this angry bumblebee. The combination is good to produce 850hp and it has posted a best (quarter-mile) elapsed time of 9.16-seconds @ 162 mph. The current transmission is a Dog Box by PPG.

Seems odd to see this four-cylinder powered sedan getting the bulge on V6 powered Nissan GT-R entries but you can get used to it. This car is hitting hard and it’s here to stay. Check out this action from the Puerto Rico 500.

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