7-Second Nissan 240sx Tames the Track

January 26th, 2019

Hello racing fans. Allow us to introduce Jon Rogers and his amazing 1,250hp Nissan 240sx, prepared by Import Drag Solutions (IDS) and Maston Fabrication (MasFab). Without further ado, let’s get over to FL2K18 for some drag racing action.

In keeping with the IDS theme, this Nissan coupe is equipped with an inline 6-cylinder (Toyota) 2JZ engine. The bottom end is built to the gills with a virtually stock cylinder head, aluminum connecting rods, and CP 10.5:1 pistons. It has a Precision 7685 turbocharger, and all that entails, along with a Haltech 2500 engine controller. As you can see, the transmission is a manual with an H-pattern shifter. Making 7-second passes is no laughing matter when faced with rowing through the gears in the quarter-mile. The suspension is IDS with dual-coil over, fully adjustable shocks/struts.

Coming into the Sunshine State, Jon had posted an 8.01-second pass as his personal best in the Nissan. Today, he’s looking to drop into the sevens.

The IDS black camo car is a similar setup, with a bigger turbo (7691) and a few other differences. It is running an automatic transmission and a “little bit” of nitrous. Again, innovative IDS suspension has this car hooking up like a pro.

Check it out.

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