8-Second Audi RS3 – GT-R World Cup

February 20th, 2021

Imagine that you are Rada Race Lab out of Chicago and you’ve just finished up a lengthy Audi RS3 build. You leave the snow and freezing temps and drive all the long way to sunny Florida for the GT-R World Cup. Once you arrive, you post a 9-second pass on your maiden voyage. That’s right – a 9-second quarter-mile on the car’s first full pass. Extraordinary.

Under the hood is a stock (inline 5-cylinder) engine that has been fortified with sleeved cylinders, billet main bearing caps and oversize cylinder head studs. Raising all the ruckus is a Garrett G42-1450 turbocharger with all the trimmings. The engine bay is also loaded with all sorts of custom extras developed specifically for this model by Rada Race Lab. Have a look. This thing comes out of the hole like it’s been shot out of a cannon.

Car owner Kyle Seiver climbs behind the wheel for some GT-R annihilation in the DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission) Class.

In an early pass, Kyle posts an impressive run of 9.18-seconds @ 157.11 mph. He is getting acquainted with the car and he knows that it can go much faster.

As darkness falls, with its cooler temperatures, the team adds more power and braces for an eight-second pass. Like falling off a log, the little all-wheel drive Audi goes from A to B with a run of 8.98-seconds @ 157.14.

Not a bad first day by any standard.

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