$5000 Grudge Match – Kye Kelly vs. Street Beast

August 24th, 2016

$5000 Grudge Match - Kye Kelly vs. Street BeastIt’s Outlaw Armageddon, a gathering of the biggest and baddest names in No Prep drag racing, and it seems that some inflammatory statements have been made. Kye Kelly, in particular, has taken exception to comments made by the chief of the Street Beast team – a man they call Doc. Doc is long on guts and short on patience. Now, there will be repercussions. In typical No Prep fashion, these will come in the form of a big money grudge race. Somebody said $2,500 and another said $5,000 – the first barked back, “$5,000 it is.” Now it’s on like hot cakes but both racers must make it through a Big Tire class that is crowded with the stars of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaw series.

The Street Beast (a beautiful classic Chevrolet Monte Carlo) starts out by lining up against the Mistress Nova. Both these cars are making monstrous horsepower and have experienced drivers at the wheel. Doc gets the hole shot and drags the Nova, despite a lengthy wheel stand. Next up, the Beast is looking at the Cutty. Anyone who’s been near the internet has heard of this car. Unfortunately for Doc, the latest lane change has thrown his car a little off kilter and he nearly crosses the center line. He regains control but loses the contest. Then it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Grudge match. Take a gander. This is a good one.

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