2100HP Nissan GT-R

September 11th, 2015

2100HP Nissan GT-RYou have never seen a GT-R like this one! When the Nissan GT-R was given the nick-name “Godzilla”, this was the car they envisioned. This may be the car that is in line to take the crown as the baddest GT-R on the planet. Just fooling around – under low boost conditions – this monster lays down an 8.024-second pass at 173 mph. On race day, he posts a 7.90 @ 174 mph, on his way to an eventual daily best of 7.41 @ 181 mph.

This exceptional import is equipped with a GT1R Stage7 4.0-liter engine with a Magnus dry sump oiling system, GT1R Stage 3 cylinder heads, a GT1R Turbo Kit (Forced Performance HYZ4504 turbos), Injection Dynamics 2000cc fuel injectors, a Montec M1 controller, a Shep/Dodson built transmission, and Belak 15” rear drag wheels. This ride is beautifully done – inside and out.

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