1300HP Nissan GT-R Devours Super-Street Bikes

May 27th, 2015

1300HP Nissan GT-RThis clip shows why the Nissan GT-R is affably nicknamed “Goliath.” If a stock GT-R is Goliath, then this 1300HP Boost Logic creation is a critter of unimaginable proportions. It makes nearly triple the factory horsepower of the already proficient Nissan supercar. Watch as it gobbles up a new BMW 1000RR street bike like a – well, like a monster!

The Boost Logic BLGTR1300 kit includes a BL triple fuel pump system, BL oil cooler kit, intercooler kit, and harmonic damper. It also gets a BL 4-inch exhaust system (with or without electronic dumps) and BL cool air intake. A BL Stage 4 transmission, which is beefed up to accommodate the extreme power and torque, and a BL differential brace are also included. Internal engine enhancements include (but are not limited to) BL Stage 2 or Stage 3 cylinder heads (with Ferrea valvetrain components and BL custom spec camshafts), a BL 3.8-liter shortblock (a 4.1-liter stroker is optional), BL custom forged connecting rods fitted with upgraded wrist pins pushing a set of BL custom spec pistons with beefed-up compression rings. Stouter main bearing cap studs help to hold everything together at higher RPMs. The combination is good for 8-second 1/4-mile passes at over 170 mph.

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