Ugly Duckling – 850whp Nissan 240sx – Street Hits

February 25th, 2018

Keeping it real and keeping it Nissan is what Andre Cargill (#DRETUNED) is all about. This video chronicles the building of the Ugly Duckling 240sx and gives you a chance to witness car owner (and tuning guru) Andre as he walks you through the eleven-year ordeal that has yielded this four-cylinder street monster. All the while he is blasting down the interstate (somewhere in Mexico) between exits. There is also some great dyno and dragstrip footage.  

In keeping this 240 all Nissan, Andre built a 2.4-liter (KA24 DE-T) four-cylinder himself. The intake and exhaust manifolds are custom-crafted and beautifully ported and polished. In the bottom end, Wiseco pistons and Crowder connecting rods keep everything spinning in the right direction. A Canton Racing Products Accusump engine lubrication system fights foamy oil demons and a Cosworth cylinder head gasket with .625 studs keeps the lid on tight. Kelford Stage 3 camshafts and a Supertech Performance valvetrain provide the huff and puff and an EMS (stand-alone) tuner provides the right amount of spark at the precise time.

This car is a beast on the street and has a best elapsed quarter-mile time of 10.41-seconds @ 148 mph. Don’t miss this one!

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