2000WHP Dodge Viper Takes to the Streets

August 13th, 2020

It’s on like hotcakes! Ride along as the 1320 Video cameraman takes the reigns of this beast of a Calvo Motorsports built Dodge Viper for some amazing street hits (in Mexico). The first item on tonight’s agenda is a grudge race between this extraordinary Dodge Viper and an equally impressive (2000hp) Nissan GTR. After that, the owner has promised to hand the wheel over to Jay Maybe for a few hits of his own. Too much pressure? We’ll see.

Even in stock trim, the Dodge Viper is one of the most capable cars on the planet. Well, this one has been treated to a Calvo Motorsports CM 1600 kit. That includes engine modification and the addition of a twin turbocharger setup. This package includes a pair of 76-millimeter turbos and a brushless fuel supply system. It’s running on E85 fuel. As you will see in the video, this snake is sequentially shifted. Depending upon boost pressure, this Viper can produce between 1600 and 2000hp – at the rear wheels!

After Jay takes a few test hits, the Viper owner lines up the long-awaited matchup against this dream killing GTR. The cars roll out and the GTR has issues from the jump. The Nissan is not building boost and certainly can’t hang with the Calvo Viper. As soon as the Nissan gets the boost issues resolved, he blows the thing up. Gotta feel for this guy.

Next, the Viper demolishes a McLaren 720S in multiple passes. This Dodge is truly a monster on the street.

Tons more cars and a lot more roll racing action (with Jay Maybe at the wheel) on this one.

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