Missing – Calvo Built Dodge Viper ACR

November 17th, 2020

This well produced video opens with Anthony Calvo (owner of Calvo Motorsports) having an absolute cow. Seems that his newly modified Dodge Viper ACR has been stolen from right under his nose, during the roll racing action at FL2K. As it turns out, one of Anthony’s friends (and clients) is playing a sick practical joke on him. Just before the “crime” is reported to the police, the perpetrator returns the Viper to its rightful owner. After some good-natured ribbing and other shenanigans, everything returns to normal and the Calvo Motorsports team is ready to focus their attention back to the track. The fact that Anthony’s voice sounds a lot like Adam Sandler is also amusing.

In addition to Anthony’s personal Viper (red and white ACR), Calvo also brought out several other Vipers. The black Viper is making approximately 2,700whp. That is astounding! The white one is no slouch either. It is churning out over 2,400whp. Both cars are twin turbo (86-millimeter) with nitrous (300hp shot). Despite being rear-wheel drive only – in a world of all-wheel drive competitors – these two cars have got to be favored to win their class. Either car is more than capable of posting a top speed of more than 200 mph.

In early qualifying, the black Viper puts up a 188 mph top speed and takes the top spot going into the final round of qualifying. The white car posts a 180 mph hit. In the final qualifying round, the black Viper posts an Unlimited Class leading 191 mph top speed on his way to the money rounds.

Tons more great roll racing on this one with the Calvo Vipers going against the likes of the Nissan GT R and Lamborghini Huracan. Check it out.

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