1500HP 1970 Chevrolet Camaro by Roadster Shop

January 20th, 2022

Affectionately known as a “Split Bumper”, this has become one of the most recognizable muscle cars of the modern era. The Gen II Camaro is low and lean with a long front end and a short tail. While there are many quality Camaro builds out there, this Roadster Shop project really takes the cake. Let’s get the specifics.

Roadster Shop co-owner Jeremy Gerber treats us to a test-drive and walk-around of this 1970 Camaro known as Split Second. At the heart of this build is a Nelson Racing Engines Street Warrior 7.0-liter motor with a pair of 73-millimeter Nelson turbochargers. Dual fuel injectors and a custom fuel cell provide the extra fuel needed to accommodate the twin turbo setup. The transmission is a 4L80E automatic with reverse manual valve bodies. That yields crisp, sure shifts even at enormous degrees of horsepower and torque. The rear end is a narrowed Ford 9-inch.

The chassis is a custom Roadster Shop Fast Trac tubular unit. As you can see, it is slammed. The shocks are Fox SV 4.0 on all four corners and the brakes are Brembo Gran Turismo. The wheels are HRE.

Climb on board and get ready for a breathtaking ride.

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