Sexy Sally – 1200HP 1970 Chevelle SS

October 6th, 2020

If you love classic cars and big power, this video is for you. Featured is a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS with a massive engine and a healthy shot of nitrous. As you can see, this heavy Chevy is looking good in cherry red with black SS stripes. It can be driven on the street but the sight of massive rear tires and the peculiar stench of racing fuel hint that it might be more at home on the dragstrip. Think I’ll have a look under the hood.

A car built around an engine; Sexy Sally is propelled by an all-aluminum, Beck Racing Engines built, 565 cubic-inch Dart Big M block with a set of Dart Pro 1 cylinder heads. It has a SCAT crankshaft and a Bullet custom ground camshaft. Maximum output for this naturally aspirated monster is estimated at 900hp. A double shot of nitrous contributes another 300hp for a grand total of 1,200hp on the hoof. Shifting is handled via a STI automatic transmission with a manual valve body (rated to 2,000hp). The rear end is a narrowed and reinforced 12-bolt unit and the rear tires on this sexy beast are Mickey Thompson radials. They are 33-inches tall and 22-inches wide.

All that is left to do is hit the street for a ride that will forever be embedded in my memory banks.

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