Turbo Corvette Posts 229 MPH Half-Mile

March 1st, 2018

After meticulous preparation and skilled tuning, the crew at LSXPerts showed up at Slipstream (situated on an abandoned airstrip) with their beautiful  turbocharged Corvette.

On a standing half-mile course they would push the limits of car and driver. These guys (and gals) were banging wrenches and busting knuckles up until the last possible second and hoping to reach the pinnacle of 220 mph. It seems a lofty goal for a car that has been together less than a month but this is an outstanding crew and an incredible car.

This video has it covered from all angles. There are camera angles from outside and inside the car; from front and back. There’s even a ride along that will make you feel like part of the action.

After the dust settles and all the data is tallied, the LSXperts come away with a much faster pass then they ever imagined. The 229 mph top speed is good enough for a Corvette World Record and it is party time. This crew has a lot of passion and they let it show. Great job LSXperts!

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