Tesla S P85D Drag Racing Dos and Don’ts

April 28th, 2015
2014 Tesla Model S

2014 Tesla Model S P85D

This video guide to coming out on top at the track is intended specifically for owners of the American-made Tesla S P85D. It is made by a Tesla owner who has seen some level of success at the drag strip, as you will see when this instructional becomes a “show-and-tell” project. Turbocharged Mustangs and supercharged Camaros beware; this full-electric all-wheel drive sedan has been known to embarrass opponents on race day.

Allow me to set the stage: A sunny afternoon at Piedmont Dragway in Julian, North Carolina. A ground pounding turbocharged late-model Mustang rolls out amid smoke and lights. He even has his own hit music. The Mustang lights up the bleach box in the near lane as a Tesla S P85D waits in silence in the far lane. Both cars stage and the tree illuminates. As the final amber light drops, both cars bolt forward. The Tesla gets the hole-shot and never looks back (except with the GoPro cameras).

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