Drag Racing Tesla S P85D vs. BMW M4

April 10th, 2015

Tesla vs BMWFar be it from us to condone street racing under any circumstances, but check out this rolling drag race between an all-American Tesla electric S P85D and the latest BMW M4. The heavier Tesla sedan may have met its match in a rolling race with the sporty M4 coupe, as the BMW gains a slight lead at the start. Nope, despite the M4 grabbing the early lead, the more powerful S P85D pulls to the forefront and stays there for the duration.

The BMW turns out to be no match for the Tesla with 691-horsepower and totally-electric “insane-mode” that delivers instantaneous power to all four-wheels. The BMW packs quite a punch as well. It utilizes a twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine to produce 425-horsepower.

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