Slugfest 2022 – SRC Nova Takes Her Maiden Voyage

July 2nd, 2022

So, the guys (and girls) from Street Racing Channel (SRC) showed up for Slugfest 2022 (at Kentucky Dragway) with a brand-new arrow in the quiver. This fresh build is a vintage Nova with plenty of attitude and even more muscle. Built and driven by Billy (TH3KID), this Chevy has the best of everything it takes to go down the track in one quick hurry – including a big block motor with a pair of massive turbochargers. Let’s see what this new ride can do.

Kid brother Tommy (Gun) is also along for the trip. He’s looking to break some hearts in his Ford Falcon.

The bleach box ix a country mile from the starting line at this track and it has some of the competitors a little nervous. The general consensus is that they’ll just have to carry out some extended burnout procedures. That’s good for us!

Billy is up first and he’s taking on a serious looking Fox Body Mustang. I’ve seen this guy before, and he is quick. Billy has only one testing session in the new car and that makes for some frayed nerves. Both cars cut a clean light and blast out of the hole cleanly. They are running neck-and-neck through the midway point when Billy begins to pull away. The Nova remains out front and Billy notches his first win in the new car. As you can see, the Old Man is a skosh excited about his son’s victory.

In Tommy’s first race, he is also tangling with a Mustang. Although unsettled about the burnout protocol, Tommy smokes the tires like a pro and stages on the starting line. Tommy’s opponent sounds like an angry bumble bee (four-cylinder?), but he runs like a cheetah. He takes Tommy to the limit but can’t outpace him at the stripe. SRC for the win!

Many more rounds of excitement on this clip. Keep watching.

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