Billy TH3KID Dominates Pacemaker No Prep – Drag Racing

June 4th, 2022

Despite adverse conditions, including a slippery surface and lighting malfunctions, the Street Racing Channel (SRC) crew showed up and showed out during the Pacemaker No Prep in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Older brother, Billy (TH3KID) took his turbo Chevy S-10 pickup all the way to the finals – on the track he’s been coming to since he was 8-years old.

Billy opens up Round 1 with precious little rubber on the track. He’s taking on a serious looking Fox Body Mustang. Young Billy takes the holeshot and goes from A to B without incident. SRC for the win.

Tommy makes his appearance in the first round pulling his Ford Falcon into the box beside a lime green Dodge pickup. Tommy Gun has to do some fancy driving but manages to get the Falcon across the finish line for the victory.

A souped-up Nissan GT-R puts Tommy out in Round 2. Billy on the other hand, put the whooping on a G-Body. It wasn’t no cake walk, but he got it done FTW.

Tons more head-to-head No Prep Drag Racing on this one. You don’t want to miss it.

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