Rocky Mountain Race Week (Day 3)-3000HP Camaro ZL1

June 30th, 2020

First of all, you must check out the V8 powered Jeep Wrangler at the start of this video. This guy has built a beast of a car that runs 8-second passes with ease. It even has a sweet little trailer to match (turquoise paint and all).

Then there’s Cleetus – that’s all that need be said about him. Also, we ran into the guys who broke their car along the road. Not to be outdone, they picked up a Grand Marquis clunker and were in the midst of installing a nitrous kit. These guys actually made some passes and were strategizing about more horsepower gains as the week unfolds. Wow!

Finally, there is the WHYNOT Camaro ZL1. This thing is powered by a twin turbocharged 7.0-liter monster of an engine that can produce 3000HP. WHYNOT is owned and operated by 67-year old Tom who is just glad to be racing. Tom is a wonderful guy with a head full of racing knowledge and a heart full of competitive spirit. Tom isn’t real happy with his first pass, but comes back (after the sun goes down) and runs a 7.46 @ 197 mph on the second pass.

There’s also a Mustang that claims RMRW bragging rights from last year and an 8-second classic Chevelle with a 427 and twin turbos.

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