McLaren MP4-12C bare Car, Engine, Turbocharger Pictures, HS

April 9th, 2013

We passed by The Collection in Coral Gables to take a look their stripped down McLaren MP4-12C they had on display.   Seeing the bare car really makes you appreciate the amazing engineering that went into this super car.  The Carbon MonoCell shown weights only 175 pounds and the rest appears to be lightweight aluminum. We took some close up pictures of the powertrain including the turbochargers, wastegates, catalytic converters, half shafts and transmission.  Take a look and enjoy.  If your looking for some videos of the MP4-12C racing and demonstration some other features, take a look at our McLaren Videos.

As we were leaving we saw a very rare McLaren MP4-12C HS (High Sport) pull up for it’s latest round of updates from McLaren.  The HS comes with a host if visual changes along with a non-disclosed horsepower increase rumored to bump the power to 700HP.  The MP4-12C HS has a large price increase of the base, coming in at $400k+. Take a look at the pictures below:

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