McLaren P1 and Ferrari 458 at Palm Beach International Raceway for Capristo Day

April 22nd, 2015

McLaren-P1-Ferrari-458-PBIR-005We were invited by Capristo Exhaust to attend an open track day at Palm Beach International Raceway where a great line up exotics attended and were lapping the road course all day long.   While it was great to see a great mix of South Florida exotics attending, including multiple Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens, there was one car that stood out from the rest.

The surprise attendee was one of the 3 current HyperCars, a silver McLaren P1 with its 903HP hybrid drivetrain, 7 speed DCT and active aero systems . After putting the P1 into full race mode, the rear wing rose high above the rear and the car dropped two inches, almost sitting on the ground.  We then loaded up a few GoPro cameras on the P1 and on a Ferrari 458 Spider chase car and headed out on the road corse for a few laps.

The McLaren P1’s grip and power around the track were like nothing we’ve experienced in a production car, easily leaving the Ferrari 458 anytime it wanted to.  Take a look at some pictures and videos of the two:

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