Liz Musi Prepares for Street Outlaws Season

July 15th, 2021

Lizzy Musi has got a brand-new car! It’s been built under the direct supervision of her father, Pat Musi, himself a legendary street/drag racer. The car is purpose built to run against the baddest street cars in the land on the Street Outlaws No Prep Circuit. Let’s kick the tires on this vintage Camaro.

Under the hood of this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro is a nitrous fed 959 cubic-inch Pat Musi Racing engine. This motor is put together with a dual purpose – to withstand the terrors of burning massive amounts of nitrous and to win the Street Outlaws No Prep Title. Any potential maximum output number is being kept very close to the vest for this nitrous monster.

The body of this Camaro (affectionately called Bonnie) is all steel with the exception of the front clip (fiberglass). The one-of-a-kind custom tube chassis was designed and built in a collaborative effort by Stock Car Steel and SRI in Mooresville, North Carolina.

This video delivers footage of Liz and the Musi Crew as they shake out the bugs in the new car. It’s a BEAST!

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