Fireball Camaro – Dirty South No Prep Finals

November 25th, 2018

This is how we roll in the Dirty South, and it doesn’t get any dirtier than Gulfport Mississippi and the Gulfport Dragway; venue of the Dirty South No Prep Finals.

Represented in this top tier No Prep (1/8-mile) event are some of the baddest street racers in the land. Ryan Martin (Street Outlaws) is on hand in his Fireball Camaro and he has this Chevy coming out of the hole like a bullet. Also present are Jerry Bird (The Birdman), John Doe, Mike Murillo, The Godfather, Prime Evil, Killer Cab, BoostedGT, and many more.

This clip puts the focus on Ryan Matthews as he races his way through the Big Tire Class and a murderer’s row of elite level competitors. Ryan begins with a run against Mike Murillo and his radical FoxBody Mustang. The Fireball team has this Camaro working about as well as anybody in the country and he gaps Mike FTW.

Question is: Can the Street Outlaw get to the Finals and remain unbeaten? Check out the video and find out.

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