Lamborghini Huracan vs Aventador Heads up Drag Racing 1/4 Mile

December 24th, 2014

huracan-vs-aventador-drag-racingWe’ve found some pretty good footage of a new Lamborghini Huracan going heads up against it’s big brother Aventador in Greece.  The Huracan with it’s 5.2L V10 and 610HP through a 7 speed dual clutch transmission along with AWD seems to come off a bit softer than it’s larger and more power full Aventador sibling powered by a 6.5L V12 with 700HP and a 7 speed ISR transmission (single clutch).

Once both cars are under power the Aventador still walks away from the Huracan a good bit through the 1/4 mile and beyond.

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