Lamborghini Huracan runs 10.8 @ 132 MPH Drag Racing in the 1/4 Mile

January 7th, 2015

Lamborghini-Huracan-1:4-mileHere is a video of the first real world 1/4 mile run we’ve seen for the all new Lamborghini Huracan.  Powered by a 610 horsepower 5.2L V10 along with all wheel drive and a 7 speed dual clutch transmission the Huracan ran an impressive 10.82 @ 132 MPH at Sacramento Raceway Park.

The Huracan was clearly using it’s launch control system but appears to bog down off the line due to the sticky track prep and lack of down low torque from it’s naturally aspirated V10.

Check out the timeslip data and video below.

Lamborghini Huracan Data

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