Hot Rod Drag Week – Final Day

September 20th, 2017

It’s all over too quickly – for fans and spectators, that is. Hot Rod Drag Week 2017 is coming to a close and the weary competitors are eager to get to the final track (Cordova International Raceway) after their 1,000 excursion.

Traditionally, the final day of Drag Week means that racers and crews can put more power to the pavement (not that they haven’t already been pushing the envelope). All week long they have been trying to save their machines because they must be driven between each venue. The final day yields a little less worry because broken cars can be put back on the trailer and taken home for repair. The overall result is increased horsepower and faster elapsed times.

Seeing these cars and crews on the road and witnessing the camaraderie that is developed between competitors is amazing. Despite lining up against one another at the drag strip, these guys and gals (from all over the globe) become life long friends along the trek. It is awesome to see competitors that will sacrifice their time, money, parts, and sleep (tonight) to help the crew that will be trying to beat them through the quarter-mile (tomorrow).

Check it out! There’s tons of great drag racing action and some of the fastest cars that you will ever see, anywhere.

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