Classic Muscle vs. Modern Muscle – Drag Racing

December 13th, 2018

Hello, fellow drag racing fans and welcome to historic Mission Raceway Park in British Colombia, Canada. This clip is dedicated to answering that gnawing question, “Which is best – old muscle cars or new?”

With the new crop of high-performance factory machines gaining by the year, I’m not sure that’s a question that can be answered in a single article. What we can do is bring you a great video of some old school Mopar muscle (along with some vintage Bow Tie and Blue Oval Iron) taking on some of the most modern powerhouses on the market. Challengers from dual decades, Camaros from diverse generations, and Fords from separate eras are throwing down in quarter-mile drag racing action.

Up first (in the right lane) is an old school Barracuda going against a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. We know that the Demon is bad. With its 840hp supercharged HEMI, this is a car built to tame the track. Mods to the ‘Cuda are undisclosed but – safe to say, with those big slicks out back – he’s packing a big punch. When the burnouts are over and it’s time to do business the “more experienced” racer jumps early and earns a red light. Oh well, he still puts down a good pass and lives to race another day.

Lots more “old vs. new” racing on this one; including a Ford Galaxy 500, a fast Plymouth Duster, as well as some Corvette and Camaro racing.

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