8-Second 280Z – TT V8 Monster

June 15th, 2018

I hope that I am not dating myself by saying that I can remember a time when a fellow couldn’t bounce a pair of pliers off the floor without hitting a Nissan (Datsun) 280Z. These little cars were everywhere! Not terribly fast though.

They were fun to drive because the suspension was good and most were equipped with a manual transmission. Unfortunately, the wiring started going bad about the second decade and most were scrapped for a more reliable model.

Not this one. This one has been reborn! Gone is the sporty and fun to drive little import and in its place is a twin turbocharged V8 monster. It all begins with a bored over 5.3-liter LS truck engine. With a stock crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, and rings, the small block Chevy mill is now rocking 346 cubic-inches (up from 327). Stock cylinder heads and a Tremec 6-speed transmission round out the package that puts 1,200hp to the ground (when traction is available).

This beast was seen tearing up the track near A-Town during the Street Car Takeover Atlanta event. Take a gander for yourself.

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