Quickest Stock (Bottom End) Pickup

January 24th, 2018

This video takes us through a world record quarter-mile pass (stock bottom end LS engine) and the ensuing tear down to prove it so. Horsepower SolutionsTeam North – and friends have gone to great lengths to squeeze every bit of horsepower possible from a turbocharged (Garrett 91-millimeter) LS motor with a factory crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons.   

After making a record breaking quarter-mile pass of 7.16-seconds @ 190 mph, the LS motor was removed from the pro mod style chassis and torn down to the short block (intake and exhaust manifolds removed, cylinder heads removed, and oil pan removed). The cylinder head retaining studs are not factory.

When the camera zooms in on the crank, a world of controversy ensues. It seems that the connecting rod cap nuts and studs are ARP (not stock). In the mind of most people, using aftermarket fasteners with stock components is acceptable as long as the major components are factory. Others believe that even the fasteners must be stock to claim this world record. Some internet critics have their own set of guidelines – rational and irrational – that can be much more stringent.  Never mind the valve slashes across the top of the pistons or the crack in the corner of the block – they beat the crap out of this thing – many internet hecklers are crying foul.

Have a look for yourself. Quickest in the world or bogus world record claim? I’ll let you decide.

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