600HP All-Motor Honda Civic – 8-Second Quarter Mile

January 22nd, 2020

Stunning! This all-motor Honda Civic Hatchback – with a K24 four-banger – is the quickest Outlaw Front-Wheel Drive N/A Car in the USA. File it under hard to find and classify it as a rarity. With no sign of a power adder – no turbo and no supercharger – this little front-wheel drive hatchback runs consistent eight-second quarter mile passes at approximately 160 mph.

Under the hood is a 2.4-liter Honda K24 engine. It is built with Callie’s connecting rods and Wiseco pistons. The cylinder head is stock with Kelford camshafts and Ferrea valvetrain components. There’s a nitro-methane injection system and significant weight reduction technology in place. The car weighs only 1,800-pounds.

The action opens up with a low 9.07-second pass @ 162 mph; just to get the competition in line. The next pass was an 8.8-second effort @ 163 mph. Now, the tiny import is starting to get dialed in.

After a conversation with car owner Jayson and his crew, it’s on to the next round. It is a solo 8.72-second pass @ 162.9 mph. The next round is contested. Jayson whips a fellow Civic owner with an 8.80-second pass @ 165 mph.

Just a few more rounds to the final. Think the lightweight all-motor Honda can hang on for the win? Check out the video to see.

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