Veronica’s 600HP Honda Civic – Street and Track Hits

December 12th, 2019

Hello race fans. Meet Veronica and her Milano Red 1998 Honda Civic Hatch. Veronica bought the car in 2012 and has built it up with help from some great people in the racing world. Veronica takes pride in the fact that the car is female built, owned and operated. Makes me a little bit proud for her – except when she lines up next to me!

Then engine in Veronica’s Honda is a stock VTEC DOHC four banger. It has a Precision 6262 turbo with a Tial wastegate and blowoff valve. She also uses a Walbro fuel pump (in tank) with a set of 1100cc FIC fuel injectors for delivering the go-go juice. The wheels are Enkei and they are wrapped in Falken rubber.

Hold on tight as Veronica gets in some roll racing at the track before hitting the dyno and heading back to the street for some high-revving hits. Great car from an informed car owner with a passion for racing. Nice job Veronica.

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