1400HP Honda S2000 – Ride Along Street Hits

April 11th, 2019

Howdy racing fans and welcome back to TX2K19. Allow me to introduce Evan and what may be the most intimidating roadster at this event.

Of course, the car is a Honda S2000. Where is gets really unique is under the hood. Evan trashed the Honda mill for a Toyota 2JZ platform with a giant turbo (50+ psi). The little import is loaded with one-off parts designed to make it go very fast in a straight line. It also has a sequentially shifted dog box transmission. Built by Turn In Concepts.

As capable as the S2000 is on the track; it’s murder on the street.

In Mexico, Evan takes on a 1,000hp ProCharger equipped Corvette. The Honda blotted him off the face of the earth.

Next up, is a 1,300hp TT Mustang. The Ford gets the hit, but the S2000 drove around him FTW.

A 1,300hp Nissan GT-R pulls alongside next. The Honda gradually pulls out front and remains there to claim victory.

Getting owned next by the S2K is an 1,100hp K20 powered Toyota MR2. It is ugly!

Keep watching until the end for detailed mechanical specs on this amazing build.

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