World Record K-Series Civic

July 27th, 2017

Nobody, down in my neck of the woods, is expecting to see a hatchback Honda running eights, much less dipping into the low eights at nearly 180 mph.

Steve Oliveira and the crew at CLM Motorsports, Inc. have built themselves a monster of an all-wheel drive K-Series Civic Hatchback that ran 8-second E.T.s all weekend before setting a new World Record quarter-mile elapsed time and top-speed. The high-water mark was a best E.T. of 8.1-seconds @ 179 mph. That’s impressive – regardless of your cylinder count.

Aside from the awesome chrome illusion paint job, this Civic is rocking a massive turbocharger and four-paw crawl. It blasts off the start line and rockets through the quarter like a knife through hot butter. This import is amazing!

It probably won’t be long before this Honda is posting a 7-second quarter-mile.

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