Honda Civic Traps 189 MPH at Pikes Peak

August 11th, 2016

Honda Civic Traps 189 MPH at Pikes PeakThe competitors are breaking the 200 mph barrier (on a regular basis) during this week’s 2016 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack but who expects to see a Honda Civic that can turn 189 mph trap speeds?  The truth is that this is no ordinary Civic – but it is ninety-nine-percent Honda.

Start with a run-of-the-mill, 2,300-pound hatchback Honda Civic. Now, snatch that four-cylinder mill out of there and replace it with a ultra smooth 3.5-liter V6 engine from a front wheel drive Honda Odyssey van. Before cramming it back under the hood, install a set of high-performance cylinder heads and camshafts from an Acura TL Type-S (made by Honda). You are nearly ready to go racing. You’ll need to upgrade the transmission, so stab a TL Type-S six-speed manual in there and you’re ready to hit the track. Almost; you still have some space, so stuff a 72-millimeter turbocharger under the hood and – KABOOM! – you are making 800hp (and chins wag) as you blast through the half-mile, hitting 189 mph in the process.

Right away, the Civic lines up against a Porsche 911 and posts a 164.92 mph trap speed. It walks away from the Porsche as well. During pass number two, the little import that could puts up a 189.39 mph. Call it over confidence or luck of the draw but in the third pass, our little Honda gets ate up by a 2,000hp Lambo but what do you expect. There’s a lot more action and you don’t want to miss this one.

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