6-Second GTO Chills Ice Cream Cruise

September 23rd, 2017

With the recent advancements in power-adder technology, it is rarer than hen’s teeth to see a competitive naturally aspirated (N/A) car at the drag strip. It is even more uncommon to see one with a steel body that can run consistent (low) 6-second quarter-mile elapsed times and dominate the class.

This fourth-generation GTO is currently powered by a massive 7.4-liter LSx engine that produces approximately 760hp. A Powerglide transmission helps to send those ponies to a narrowed Ford 9-inch rear differential. All the way down the line, this Goat is built on an old school model with the latest components – and it is obviously prepared to get the job done.

When you see all the powerful turbocharged cars on hand, you can’t help but realize that rolling up to the Ice Cream Cruise 2017 in a N/A car (with a steel body and all the amenities) takes guts. Sometimes tenacity pays dividends. On her maiden voyage, this Poncho won the hearts of the crowd and then won the $1,200 first prize in the Dominator Class.

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