3,000HP 1963 Dodge Polara

June 19th, 2015

Bad-Judgement-300x193This old Dodge can really get down the track. This thing is beautiful inside and out. Campaigning a beast like this is no simple task; especially on a No-Prep race track. Nevertheless, this driver handled his business and made it look easy. Everyone else in the Unlimited Class (primarily a bunch of blown Chevrolet drivers) seemed to have major issues getting out of the box straight at the Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, Wisconsin but this Polara, known as “Bad Judgment”, ran like a bullet.

This bodacious black beauty is equipped with a 526-cubic-inch Hemi engine and a massive roots-type supercharger with a specially designed “cold-shot” water/methanol injection system. Check out this alcohol-burning behemoth as it gears up for the Street Outlaws Competition later this year in Oklahoma City.

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