1300HP Fox Body Mustang – Street Hits

January 22nd, 2018

This 8-second (@ 162 mph), 1988 Saleen Mustang is one of the cleanest street/drag cars that I have ever seen. Despite the fact that it has been passed around among friends and owned by the same guy for more than two decades, this Fox Body is as clean as a pin.

You will no longer find the four-cylinder Saleen setup under the hood of this pony car. Instead, there is an NPR built Dart Racing (V8) engine with a custom-built (Power by the Hour – PBH) Bullseye 83-millimeter turbocharger kit. The tranny is a PBH built Ford 4R70W (automatic) with a Lentech valve body and a Circle D torque (stall) converter. As for engine management; it is running a MegaSquirt (MSII) programmable EFI system. The car owner is also the tuner.

Once you get over how great this car looks – inside and out – you get a face full of just how quick it is. The cameraman makes the prolific statement that it makes a Hellcat feel like a Corolla. This Mustang is really well built, really tight, and super fast. Having all that said; I must tell you that it is primarily a street car. It still has functional windows, cold air conditioning, and an audio system.  All the creature comforts are there and when you press the accelerator – Wow!

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