1000HP Dodge Demon vs. McLaren 720S – Track Digs

March 31st, 2020

Demonology versus Dragtimes. That’s what’s up! These two hardcore auto enthusiasts have brought out a pair of stallions to see which one can claim the title “King of the Quarter Mile”. The domestic bruiser is big and bulky with a giant supercharged HEMI under the hood. The British beauty is lightweight with a smaller, twin turbocharged V8. Both cars are modified for performance and both are rear-wheel drive. Which of them is up to the task? Let’s have a look.

The McLaren 720S is prepared by 1K Motorsports in Ft. Myers, Florida. It is lauded as the Fastest McLaren in the USA (8.94-second quarter mile at 156 mph). General modifications include a Ryft Titanium exhaust, BMC air filters and a 1K Motorsports tune. It’s on Mickey Thompson drag radials and it’s burning race gas.

The Demonology Dodge Demon is loaded with racing mods and can churn out at least 1,000hp. This guy races a lot and rarely loses. Much like the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu represented on the exterior of the car, Demonology puts most of his opponents in the stranglehold and doesn’t let go. Has he got anything for the Dragtimes crew in the 720S. Watch the video to find out.

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